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KingCobra | January 17, 2011 | 3 comments

TRON mural on the side of the Silver Snail Building

Artwork done by Artchild

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  • What I did notice is how he sifted the shape of the mural when it was over a door and then how he brought it down on the right side.

  • When it came to unveiling the mural for the first time at the dedication of the new church on an Easter Sunday morning, Sir St.

    • Auth says:

      the mural looks beautiful.in the ftuure, i’d love to see DCCAH encourage youth to utilize more environmentally friendly materials. all those spray cans are are classified as toxic waste and require a toxic waste pickup. or ya’ll are just popping them in the city dump. either way its not wise in 2009. learning about greener products and methods will create more aware artists and citizens. please help us set a good example DCCAH!

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