Canadian themed canvases

KingCobra | October 10, 2012 | no comments
Canadian themed canvases

. Here are a couple canvases made by CASE around Canadian themed imagery.  

Gallery work by Case

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Gallery work by Case

Toronto’s very talented graffiti artist CASE is usually known for his great graffiti artwork, there is however a more traditional artistic style to his creative endeavors.  Here are some of his works which showcase a different side to his...

Artchild Sketches 1

KingCobra | October 20, 2011 | no comments
Artchild Sketches 1

Artchild has been doing graffiti arts for about 20years but his skill isn’t just limited to spray paint, having gone through Sheridan College’s prestigious Animation program, Artchild is a very skilled all around artist.   Here is the first installment of some of his sketches.

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Artchild Sketch

artchild Cindy Sketch

Artchild Sketch l.l.

Artchild Sketch Boostudy

Artchild Sketch Ladygiant

Artchild Sketch Boodreams

Artchild Sketch Scratchside

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